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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Choosing Fundraiser Items

One of the best ways for a nonprofit group or organization to raise money is through selling fundraiser items. If your group is looking for charity gifts or items to sell to raise money you have a wide array of choices.


Before deciding on the items that you will sell, it is important to plan your fundraising program. Decide where and how you will sell your items, and know who your market will be. This is significant as your target market will be the major deciding factor in what items you will sell. For example, if you are trying to raise money for your school group, your market will likely be students and their families. In this case the items you sell may be very different than if you were a historical group trying to raise money to help restore a local building.


Once you have discovered where your target market is, you can then plan to sell the appropriate fundraiser items for that market. Chocolate bars are a very popular choice as a fundraiser item. The candy wrapper can be personalized and they can be bought in large quantities and resold for a profit. Selling chocolates is a great idea for any fundraiser project, but it works especially well for youth or school organizations.


Some additional fundraiser items that can be sold would include merchandise such as tote bags or backpacks. These fundraiser items can work great for school fundraisers or any type of charity fundraiser.


The next thing you will need to consider when putting together your fundraiser is how you will sell your fundraiser items to raise money. Will the program participants target only friends, family, and colleagues or will you sell to the general public? If you are planning to sell your fundraiser merchandise to the public, will you be selling door to door or possibly selling your fundraising items at a booth during some local event? Knowing ahead of time what items you will sell to raise money, as well as how you will sell them, and to who, is very important to a successful fundraising venture.


Once you have decided on the fundraiser items that you will sell in order to raise money, as well as how you will go about selling the items, you may want to think about incentive gifts for those who are participating in the fundraising event. Giving prizes away to participants who reach a certain quota is a popular method of incentive for fundraiser groups.


Incentive gifts for your fundraiser group can be anything that is useful, and interesting, from hats to calculators or barbeque accessories. Your incentive gifts can be whatever would appeal to the group that is participating in the program and it will help to motivate the participants to raise as much money as possible during your fundraiser event.


With careful planning, and the right fundraiser items, your group, or charity organization can raise money successfully for any worthy cause.

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