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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Conference Gifts and Sponsor Giveaways

If you attend conferences for your business, you have a fantastic opportunity to promote your business. It is not uncommon to give away products at a tradeshow, but you can also do this at conferences.


When you give conference gifts, you will want to give away items that will not only be useful to the conference participants, but you will also want the items that you are giving away to advertise your company. Because conferences are not exactly the same as tradeshows, the gifts that you give out at a conference will be slightly different.


Some great ideas for conference gifts include pens and small notebooks that display your company logo so that the conference goers have something to use to jot down notes, while at the same time they are promoting your company as they use your gift.


Some more items that would make good conference gifts would be spill proof travel mugs or water bottles. Often conference attendees prefer to bring their drink with them to the different lecture events, so giving away branded gifts such as a water bottle or travel mug will be a gift that will be useful during a conference.


Tote bags that are imprinted with your companyís name and logo can also be a very useful conference gift. Not only will this be a functional item for conference goers who will likely have many items they are carrying around, but also it will be a way of prominently displaying your name throughout the conference.


Another area in which branded gifts can be helpful in promoting your business is sponsor giveaways. It is not uncommon for companies to sponsor sweepstakes, or other types of giveaways, as a means to promote their product or service, so why not use the prizes that you give away as another means of promoting your business.


Branded gifts such as T-shirts and hats with the company name and logo are very popular sponsor giveaways. Just about any type of prize can be branded with your company logo, though branded apparel is usually the best choice as a sponsor giveaway prize.


By using branded promotional products such as T-shirts and hats, you are not only providing prizes for your promotional giveaway, but those prizes will be working overtime, by making your company visible whenever the item is worn.


Another popular sponsor giveaway item is chocolates that are personalized for your company. You can buy individual chocolates that are molded into your company logo, or chocolate bars with wrappers displaying your company logo. Everyone loves chocolate making it one of the best promotional products you can invest in.


The next time your company sponsors a contest, or sweepstakes, think about adding some promotional products to your prizes, and let your customers help spread the word while they enjoy their gifts.


No matter if you are looking for conference gifts, or promotional products to give away when sponsoring contests and sweepstakes, branded gifts are the best way to go.

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